"" What's She Eating Now?: How Well Does Saveur Know You, Part Deux

Monday, November 2, 2009

How Well Does Saveur Know You, Part Deux

Saveur is at it again. Have you been wondering what kind of oenophile you are? It is unlikely this quiz will help, but who doesn't like a quick online study break? I admittedly began to worry when Q1 omitted "Wine Shop" as an option for where one buys most of his wine, but in the name of procrastination, I soldiered on, as should you.

(Note: I did not select "B. Auction" as the answer to this question, this screen shot tells tales)

While I think Saveur's questions were more answerable than last time around, they yielded more far-fetched results, at least for me, "The Explorer."
  • You consider wine a living thing, and speak reverently about it "soul." I have been known to comment on a wine's "personality," but wines that call for reverential musings about their souls?  To the extent such things exist, they are probably out of my price range. 
  • You once took a break from college to work the Oregon pinot noir harvest. No, but in retrospect that would have been a better way to fulfill a science requirement than, "Do Animals Think?", a class, as I remember it, largely devoted to how lobsters feel about current events.
  • Three years ago you trekked across Ethiopia in search of the new African wine frontier. Um, really? I would like to meet the person who read this aspect of his Explorer profile and said to himself, "Oh my gosh, how did they know?"
  • U.S. Customs started a file on you after you were caught smuggling rare vines from Navarra home in your suitcase. This is perhaps the most off-base. I would never get caught.
So take the quiz and come back and let us know in the comments how well Saveur knows you this time. Don't worry, given the subject matter I think the probability is low that you will discover the embarrassing fact that 17% of you loves Rachael Ray.

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  1. Well, well, well saveur -- this time it was DEAD on. Now, some of the things i have not yet done, but if i were rich, i were. I am: The Authority
    I DO like fancy, expertly crafted, a little aggressive wines (though that's NOT how i like my cars). Someone HAS accused me of having a slight british accent (which i'm sure has you rolling on the floor, Jess). And if I had the money to purchase a house, I would buy it if I discoverd it was "replete with a climate-controlled cave." I also pepper my speech with words like nuance, structured and finesse.
    Yippee! I'm horrible