"" What's She Eating Now?: June 2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Easy Peasy Japanese-y

Anyone who knows me can't help but suspect somewhere way far back in the Schupak lineage I am somehow part Japanese. For starters, I love every type of Japanese cuisine, think cat cafes are an amazing idea, abhor clutter and a movie about my life could easily be called Like Water for Sake. So as to the first part about Japanese cuisine, I sometimes tried to make Japanese dishes at home but more often tended to go out to enjoy soba, yaki-tori, ramen, tempura, izakaya, kaseiki and so on because I imagined I couldn't possibly make the representative dishes nearly as well. Until I found this amazing website, Japanese Cooking 101. This website contains tons of great Japanese recipes and instructional videos brought to you by Yuko and Noriko, two Japanese women living in California who want to show you that Japanese cooking isn't as hard as you think it is and can be a great comfort food.

I made this recipe for tempura last night. Follow the instructions to a T and you will have delicious tempura. For example, use only chopsticks to stir the batter, only stir it 10 times and make sure it is very cold. She is very stern about the 10 times in the video, listen and don't improvise. Don't stir it 9 times or 11 times, 10 times. Their videos are short and helpful and will have you cooking delicious Japanese recipes in no time. WSEN highly recommends!
Tempura Recipe
This is their tempura, not mine, but mine was indeed pretty delicious following their recipe.