"" What's She Eating Now?: How Well Does Saveur Know You?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Well Does Saveur Know You?

I just took this quiz on Saveur's site and it came back that my "foodie profile" is:

Classic & Comforting You learned to cook alongside your grandma, and still think her teachings are gospel. You believe the correct answer to the question of olive oil or butter is both. You're happiest around a chattering table, doling out heaping plates to crowds of friends. You just had your tattered, original copy of Joy of Cooking rebound. You're certain there's nothing that melted cheese can't make better.

I cringe at the term "foodie" and have been hard at work coming up with a workable replacement, but set that aside for the moment and let's see how good Saveur's gastronomic crystal ball is.

1) I learned to cook alongside my grandma. Not exactly true but I do make brisket every Passover like she did and when my older brother joins I make "Andrew potatoes," which are little red potatoes that I don't know if he loves or not, but he once told my grandmother he did so she named them after him.

2) Olive oil AND butter: Not true literally, but true conceptually. I don't believe in skimping on ingredients if it's going to have a negative impact on taste. Gluten free, fat free, taste free, happy free... not in my kitchen.

3)You're happiest around a chattering table, doling out heaping plates to crowds of friends. Absolutely true.

4) You just had your tattered, original copy of Joy of Cooking rebound. Truth be told I am not a power cookbook user but I do own a copy of Joy and sometimes take it out when I can't remember how to do something embarrassingly simple and dare not admit it to another living soul, or even the little green men who make the Internet work.

5) You're certain there's nothing that melted cheese can't make better. Melted cheese is a decent picker-upper but it's a gateway drug. You want real therapy? Want to go places cheese can't take you? Hit the sushi bar and hit it hard. Somehow even when my worries are financial, sushi gives me a mellow high all the lactose laden delicacies in the world can't.

Now your turn. Take the quiz and see what it says about you. Then let us know in the comments how close it came to describing your inner eateur (no? as I said, still working).


  1. Weeellll, Jess, I got the same as you. I def. learned how to cook on my own (see post about pizza), I would agree w/ you on the butter/oil thing, I am def. not happiest at a chattering table (while i do enjoy that, my actually happyEST is actually eating alone), I have a copy of joy of cooking which i rarely use, i do love melted cheese but i think i would insert "champagne and raw oysters." Sorry Saveur, I think not.

  2. I got the same as you, but besides combining butter and oil and chattering table, it is OFF. Lots of times I wanted to say "none of the above" to the answers offered.... Thanks for postign baout though, fun to look through!

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  4. 1. Not even Communists will sink so low as to eat tofurkey.

    2. They cook a dead guy in "Fried Green Tomatoes"??? Do women just lie to guys about this movie and call it a chick flick so we don't get to see such awesomeness?

    3. Apparently, my fridge lacks everything. I am ashamed to admit that I have no kecap manis, nor do i have home-cured maple bacon. According to this question, these are staples.

    4. Who orders Eggs Benedict when they have a hangover? Hey, you know what's great when you're dehydrated? Salmonella!

    5. ANyone that picks "A Day at El Bulli" as their one cookbook has never cooked anything in their entire lives. Ever. There, I said it.

    6. "I spent two months salary and waited two years for my La Marzocco GS/3, but it's worth it." This person needs help.

    7. A centrifuge? Do you think you're better than me?

    8. There are probably a dozen people in the entire world who can honestly state that anything done sous vide is their specialty dish. If you chose this, I call shenanigans.

    9. When I think of the things I would like to sit in a car beside for hours and hours, I do not think sardines, eggs, goat's milk cheese, and canned tuna. If you disagreed, you chose poorly.

    10. Cucumber Pepsi? That's all you could think of for Tokyo cuisine? I'm offended. We have far better food. Like Curry Pizza.

  5. With each question it became clearer that this was a typical Mostly As Mostly Bs Mostly Cs type of quiz - and that at the end it was going to tell me that I am a bum with no taste. Then the results (excerpted with [comments])...

    Easy & Approachable [not in my personal life, but OK.]

    You eat cereal for supper [no I don't. Except when I go through one of those phases. You know what I'm talking about.]

    You consider sausage one of the 6 major food groups. [it is.]

    You named your cat after Rachel Ray [how dare you. I LIKE cats.]

    You often eat while talking on the phone/sitting at your desk/watching television/driving. [yes, I am a human being living in the 21st Century. Got me there, Saveur.]