"" What's She Eating Now?: Diet Coke Scrapes Barrel for New Sales, and Apprently Marketing Executives

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Diet Coke Scrapes Barrel for New Sales, and Apprently Marketing Executives

In an effort to boost sales in this down economy the marketing masterminds at Diet Coke have created a whole new day part: the mid morning meal. I couldn't find the ad with a live link but I am just dying to to see what recipes they recommend for an 11:01 Diet Coke pairing. In the absence of being able to impart just how to make the most of your pre-lunch hour lunch hour, I will instead provide some commentary from No Happy Medium on what I am sure will be a dining trend to sweep the nation. Without further ado...

Grab a Straw (courtesy of No Happy Medium)
I’m a bit confused about this Diet Coke internet banner ad. Can we discus briefly? As far as I can tell it’s suggesting that:

a. You should eat some meal at 11:01. I have to assume that’s AM.

b. That meal should be smart and fresh, like a salad.

c. To accompany your post-breakfast, pre-noon salad you should down a Diet Coke.

I get the feeling that some time in the future people are going to look back at this the way we look back at Coke ads from the days when Coke actually contained coke.


  1. I had planned on coq au vin at 1101, but was full from the rich vindaloo that I had at 1037. funny how the day unfolds.

  2. Eddie, see if you only had a Diet Coke at 1037 with your vindaloo you would have had the energy to power through the coq au vin at 1101.

  3. I'm more a fan of the meal between late lunch and early dinner.