"" What's She Eating Now?: Calling All Cars, We Have a Bacon Emergency

Monday, July 13, 2009

Calling All Cars, We Have a Bacon Emergency

Apparently there must have been a bacon emergency in Chelsea over the weekend. I spotted the bacon superhero's car Saturday night and shuddered to think what horrors he might be saving someone from. Dinner party with no fatty pork? A lone carnivore suffering attacks for his love of all things belly at the hands of a ruthless cadre of righteous vegan villains? Or maybe he was rescuing a small defenseless child from a tragic bacon deficiency. All I know is Bat Mobile, Optimus Prime, and Kit, you have nothing on Bacon 54, and I'll sleep better knowing he's out there.

Also from the bacon files, this product found on Accoutrements is a brilliant innovation that gives new meaning to "bringing home the bacon," though I think I would find more useful a wallet made out of money that you can keep your bacon in.


  1. I'm assuming he keeps this in the glove compartment:


  2. I guess the bacon superhero would be a villain from a pig's point of view?

  3. That reminds me of an analogy my bacon-loving dad likes to call upon during business negotiations which describes a discussion between a chicken and a pig ending with the pig saying something along the lines of, 'Easy for you to say, your contribution to breakfast is a bit easier to manage,' after which instead of laughing or saying 'I see what you mean," people tend to glaze over fantasizing about bacon much to my dad's chagrin.

  4. Everything about this post is very postmodern.

  5. There used to be a car parked in the garage at work with the license plate: Bagels. I'd rather be known as the gal with the Bagels car than Bacon.