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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eat for Less with Blackboard Eats

The value theme continues! I have been a subscriber to Blackboard Eats for some time now but wanted to observe what it was all about before recommending it. After a trial period, I can say this is junk mail worth getting. Blackboard Eats is a service which sends you discount opportunities via email for restaurants in New York or LA (San Francisco coming soon). But the discounts aren't for T.G.I. Friday's or Applebee's as you might expect. They are for legit places you'd probably eat at even sans discount, and the promotions tend to be 30% off your entire check with very limited restrictions (like it has to be used at dinner, for example).

This week, Blackboard Eats is promoting Cabrito on Carmine Street. Cabrito's food is modern, upscale Mexican in a fun, casual setting. And Chef Dave Schuttenberg, formerly of Fatty Crab fame, can cook (I have eaten at both). In January of last year Cabrito earned a very favorable one spot from Frank Bruni, missing an at least two-star review due to some inconsistency in food and service from visit to visit, which Schuttenberg and owner Zak Pelaccio have had ample time to address and hopefully have. You can go find out yourself for 30% off plus a free Margarita, courtesy of Blackboard Eats.

Blackboard Eats has also recently promoted West Village mainstay August, Boqueria Soho, I Sodi, Aquavit, Dinosaur BBQ, Resto, The Highlands.... you get it, a good variety of places in terms of location, tenure, and category of fare that you would actually want to dine at (and there are plenty of Brooklyn joints too!). Oh, did I mention signing up is FREE? I get a totally tolerable amount of email from them and as best as I can detect they have not shared my info with anyone else. And there are no embarrassing coupons to whip out, just a code you share with your server. This one is a no brainer folks, sign-it up!

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