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Friday, August 14, 2009

What's She Eating Now Presents... Good Thing, Bad Thing

When I was a senior in college I co-taught a class to first semester freshman. The course actually started during the students' orientation period so they could get to know each other well because part of the class was about covering the subject matter, and part was about helping them ease into higher education. To that end, the program directors recommended we start each session with an exercise they called "Good Thing, Bad Thing," which involved each student sharing one good thing, and one bad thing, that they had experienced the previous week. I found it a little 12 step but I needed the credits so I did what I was told. And I can't say the results weren't hysterical either. Students would share all sorts of information from pledging hyjinx, to random hook ups, to odd football locker room situations. To them these things were serious, important, immediate. To me and my co-instructor they were just awesome. So in that vein, I present the What's She Eating Now? version of Good Thing, Bad Thing, in which I will share a good and bad food thing that meant the world to me at the time, but is probably just funny or informative to you. With no further ado, Good Thing, Bad Thing...

I'd like to start this week with my Bad Thing and it involves Uncle Moe's Burritos & Taco Shop. Uncle Moe's easily has the best burritos in the Chelsea/Flatiron area. They boast a wide variety of fresh, flavorful ingredients to choose from with a significantly more authentic feel than say a Chipotle. But Uncle Moe's likes to play with my emotions. They lead me on with their tantalizing menu and proximity to my apartment. They tease me with their throngs of satisfied customers leaving with that glint in their eye made possible only by magical combinations of meat, cheese, beans and guacamole. But just when I am starting to feel like my feelings might be mutual, they break my fragile little heart. You see, Moe's takes random days off for no reason (The day before 4th of July weekend, really?). They close early when they fee like it. Sundays? Lo siento. And last night, after my run, all I wanted was a wonderful Watsonville burrito and they told me they close at 9. Besides my watch indicating it wasn't quiet 9 yet, my delivery menu said they call it quits at 9:30. Why the run around? Why the deceipt? Uncle Moe's, if I were stronger I would cut you out of my life but I just can't resist your south of the border offerings. So I'll give you one more chance, but please remember, I'm just a girl, standing before a burrito shop, asking for you to be open.

Now on to my Good Thing. From the something to look forward to category, I found a Time Out New York free thing to do in the city actually worth possibly checking out. At 3pm next Friday and the Friday following that, Arkadium will be giving out free Shack burgers to the first 50 people who test their online games at Danny Meyer, er I mean Madison Square Park. Let me get this straight, I go to the park in the afternoon, play video games, and get a free Shack burger? This sort of sounds like how Hansel and Gretel got into trouble but that story had a happy ending so I expect this one should too. Even if you aren't one of the lucky 50, you'll still be in the park, on a Friday, enjoying a great snack that won't break the bank. Sounds like a good thing to me.

Whew, I feel better.

As part of this feature I invite you to share your food Good Thing, Bad Thing below in the comments. Prizes may be awarded :)

STOP THE PRESSES after I made this post I learned that TONY was misinformed and there will be no free Shack burgers afterall. I regret that this sucks. But all the more reason for you to share your Good Thing, Bad Thing with me as I no longer have a Good Thing. Have a heart, help a fellow food lover out.


  1. Good thing:
    2 banh mi sandwiches, vietnamese iced coffee, aloe drink, mung bean cake, sticky rice with coconut: $14 at Saigon on Mott between Hester and Grand. But I'll let you elaborate...

  2. A reader posted the below Good Thing, Bad Thing under my review of Naka Naka. I enjoyed her post so wanted to copy it up here to share it with you. Nina, thanks for your post. I look forward to hearing more from you!

    Nina said...

    bad thing: hot sticky thursday, cleaning, running around, taking care of the kids, wondering what to make for dinner....

    good thing: husband calls and asks if i want to join him for a business dinner at cafe boulud, only i had to be there in 1 hr, i was there in 45 min....the best part of the night was meeting a lovely couple who told us about their daughter's blog and how she loved food (like me), i love your blog....!!!!

    August 15, 2009 4:38 PM

  3. Nice blog. I understand your Moe pain.