"" What's She Eating Now?: Phoning It In, Fried Chicken Style

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phoning It In, Fried Chicken Style

So I have been dying to write a post about this place. Even before the new product introduction, when BBQ Chicken was just a storefront that sold the unlikely pairing of two things, fried chicken and bubble tea. But my sister, of the hilarious and socially astute blog No Happy Medium, beat me to it. I couldn't put it better myself so today I am going to phone it in fried chicken style and reprint her piece here. Oh, and as long as it doesn't cut into your readership of this site, you should go check out No Happy Medium, its awesome. Here is a taste, enjoy!

My Kind of Mixed Media (Courtesy of No Happy Medium, August 21st, 2009)
It’s happened to each of us at some point. You’re walking down the street, soda in one hand, cup of fried chicken in the other, and you realize you lack the dexterity to pop the next piece of poultry in your mouth, and the straw is too thin for hoovering even the sveltest morsel. (You tried.) Fret no more, friends, BBQ Chicken hits St. Marks with an elegant one-cup solution.

Behold. The combo cup-o-soda-cup-o-chicken. The perfect snack for:

* The Blackberry-toting mover/shaker
* The I-carry-my-own-shopping-bag conservationist
* The one-handed

A startling example of how Korean ingenuity is pushing the limits of fast food technology, this two-timing vessel has a lower chamber for your cola and a recessed lid that serves as a convenient receptacle for breaded – and unnaturally cubic – chicken nuggets.

As brilliant as the concept is the marketing approach. A straightforward product shot, which says, “This needs no explanation.” One has to wonder how many 2 girls 1 cup jokes were made in the copywriting process.


  1. I know you're the expert, but I tend to find that Bubble tea goes well w/ just about anything. Actually, I wish I was sipping on some right now. -Lee

  2. All I can think when I look at that photo (seriously -- ALL) is that if I bought that, I would be gyped on both soda and fried chicken. Apparently I AM a "real" american, obsessed w/ huge portions.