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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Eating on Tour

I know, I haven't posted in ages. So why now, after eons of dormancy, have I re-emerged and dusted off my blog? Because there are awesome people out there who love both food and bikes and they need to read this.

As I have been following this year's Tour de France, I have been struck by the number of Twitter posts combining two of my favorite hobbies: food and cycling. I might expect as much from people like Trek Factory Racing team chef Kim Rokkjaer, who posts almost exclusively about what he is feeding his boys.
But I find some of the rest curious only in so much as professional cyclists tend to spend all day eating artificial food that comes in strange little space-like packets or candy bar wrappers and then, when off the bike, starve themselves like high school cheerleaders to keep their weight down.

So, while news of his untimely flat was sad, I was delighted to stumble upon this tweet from Fabian Cancellara:

Foie gras makes me happy too.

But perhaps an even better find is this post from Bicycling Magazine, featuring edible art of the Tour's wheeled warriors. Most of the chosen paints / ingredients are clever, such as current yellow jersey wearer Vincenzo Nibali rendered in pasta sauce. I think my two favorites are Jens Voigt in Sriracha and Peter Sagan in wasabi but click through to see the rest of the peloton.

[UPDATE: Click through to the original artist's blog  or Twitter feed @pedalstrike to go straight to the source and see more of these awesome creations]


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