"" What's She Eating Now?: Bacon Haikus

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bacon Haikus

In the gastronomic blogosphere there is a lot of blah blah blah. Here is where I ate last night. Here is the recipe for the blueberry crumble I made. Here is what I think of the White House vegetable garden. But every once in a while I stumble across something truly original, and hilarious. I direct you to this site full of haikus about bacon. Below is my hand at a quick one, but I am just a dabbler. Click through to experience a real pro.

Bacon where are you?
When I need you most be here.
Sad, happy, neither.


  1. You're on the menu.
    It doesn't matter what with.
    Yes, I'll have that, please.

  2. We all want world peace
    Bacon can make that happen
    UN please take note

  3. Adapted from Jim Gaffigan's King Baby:
    (search YouTube for Jim Gaffigan Bacon King Baby)

    Even the frying
    of bacon sounds like applause.
    It's like "Yay, bacon!"

    To improve other
    food they wrap it in bacon.
    Water chestnut thanks.

    Those bits in salad.
    Bib'ty bopity bacon.
    No longer salad,
    It becomes a game.
    A game of find the bacon
    find it in lettuce.

  4. I adore haikus
    Writing them makes me happy
    Almost like bacon.

  5. This was in reference to Jessica's haiku posted at 5:27 on 1/25/10

    That was really great
    But not as great as Homer,
    Who said, "mmmmmmmmm, bacon"

  6. Wow - who would have thought...
    Haikuing about bacon!
    What's she eating now?